Company Profile

We specialise in Residential and Commercial Level Solar Installations. We offer turn-key renewable energy solutions ranging from as small as 5kW all the way up to 120kW Commercial energy levels. We plan and design your energy solution according to your needs and budget. We consult, plan, install and monitor all of our Solar sites and also schedule routine maintenance of your system site. Whether you need a UPS, Semi Off-grid, Off Grid or Grid tied system we have a solution.

Our chosen brands of equipment are Voltronics, Livoltek, Victron and Pylontech. We scale up according to our customers energy requirements. From as small as 5kW all the way up to 120kW. We only supply Lithium Iron Phosphate battery chemistries and they range from 5kWh to 14kWh sizes and are also scalable. 

We provide OEM warranties on all of our equipment. We also provide Certificates of compliance at commissioning all of our solar installations.

We are happy to arrange a site visit to discuss your energy requirements. We build good relationships with our clients, and we maintain your power plant and make sure that your investment is in good hands and will be producing power for many years to come. 

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Steve Rebelo (Director)
064 044 2640

Installation Showcase

In-house Grafana Remote monitoring on all of our sites we commission. This picture above is of a 10kW InfiniSolar inverter with 20kWh of battery Energy Storage.