Axpert Inverters made by Voltronics

Popular and affordable Chinese made Inverters. They are the most affordable starter inverters available on the market. The come in 5kW to 8kW sizes and can be paralleled by up to 9 & 6 units consecutively. The are fully hybrid and off grid inverters but do not have the function to grid feed. The models we stock are the high PV solar input models (450V) so can run without batteries. The 8kW inverter also has built in WiFi for monitoring purposes.

Sunsynk 5kW & 8kW Inverters

Premium high quality Chinese made Inverters that are in the mid to upper end of the market. They are made in 5kW & 8kW models. These units are truly hybrid in nature & offer the opportunity to grid feed into your utility service provider should it be possible especially in the future in Gauteng. This function can be the turned off if required. They are also stackable in nature so can be placed in Parallel.